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Afrika Fifty6 Presents: AfroBeat LA Day Party


Hosted by Mrs. Dunnie OH! & Lifestyle Artist Ron Bass

Afrobeat LA is a dance party put together by Afrika Fifty6 and its partners, to raise funds for “Project Uganda”. Project Uganda is a mission to provide better living conditions for the children at the “Bless A Child Foundation” in Kampala, Uganda.

Music: DJ Diesel

Dress Code: Fashionable

Tickets: Early Bird tickets are $10 and at the door tickets will be $20 but if you bring any art or school supplies entry will be discounted to $15.
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This event will also feature work by Solomon Adufah, a Chicago based Artist who was born in Ghana/West Africa. His discipline of art is portrait based with very vibrant colors. His portrait paintings captures expressions and emotions of his subjects. More importantly, it celebrates culture and tradition through the unique lives of the individuals he uses as subjects.


Project Tanzania’s Success

Over the last week, Afrika Fifty6’s founder, Sam Desalu has been in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania at the Ijango Zaidia Orphanage Center. During his time there, he met with the children and staff at the orphanage, while providing extremely necessary items for sustenance and cultivating great relationships.  On the first day, Sam met the children, all of whom were extremely welcoming and excited to meet him.




Over the next few days, Sam distributed much-needed school supplies to the children. including pencils, pens, erasers, notebooks, folders, etc. The supplies were collected over the last year through generous donations to Afrika Fifty6. The children were extremely excited to receive their supplies, and will have enough not only for this year, but also for several years going forward.  These donations will greatly impact the children’s organization. This would not be possible without the generosity of those who support Afrika Fifty6, and have supported Project Tanzania over the last year.


In addition to school supplies, Afrika Fifty6 was also able to  provide the orphanage with opportunities for sustainable growth. This began with a luxury they have not had in a while: meat. Because the price of meat is often high, eating meat is a luxury the orphanage cannot afford to provide to its children. Sam provided enough meat to last the orphanage a month, and also provided the orphanage with goats to breed to provide a sustainable means of having meat over time. This is to ensure that once the month’s supply runs out, the children and staff at the orphanage will still have a way of enjoying meat in the future. In addition to the goats, Sam also built at chicken coop for the orphanage and equipped it with three hens and a rooster to generate income in the future. Because eggs are often pricey in Dar Es Salaam, selling eggs can be a profitable business for the orphanage. The plan is to breed the chickens, and sell eggs to local stores in the area.




In addition to sustenance items and school supplies, Afrika Fifty6 also received valuable donations to provide the children at the orphanage with even more to enjoy. First, MyVice Sweats clothing line donated t-shirts and more to the children at the orphanage. Furthermore, talented artist John Born donated paintings to the orphanage that will be hung in the orphanage’s common area, where the children do their homework and play.  Last but not least, The Praduc Group generously donated speakers, which the energetic children greatly enjoyed, as they love to dance. These donations were immeasurably appreciated by the orphanage, and brought smiles to the children’s faces.

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The success of Project Tanzania would not have been possible without all of those who support Afrika Fifty6. Thank you to all who attended the Project Tanzania Fundraiser last year, those who donated items for the children, and all those who sent kind words and encouragement. Is is through your support that Afrika Fifty6 is able to assist organizations in great need, raise awareness, and conduct service trips.  Afrika Fifty6 also sends a huge thank you to the children and the staff at the Ijango Zaidia Orphanage Center for their hospitality, positivity, and beautiful spirits.

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